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With our Web Design Design and Software Service

Have a website with a design tailored only to you.
Is the website you imagine very different? Do you want a website with more detailed functions? If you want a website that is designed and coded completely for you, our professional design and software team is ready to roll up their sleeves in this direction! Tell us everything you need and we will prepare a special project for you.
Become a website owner with an easy and aesthetic user experience.
Fully responsive with mobile devices, Visitor satisfaction with easy user experience, Coded infrastructure suitable for SEO work, High page loading speed, Quick contact forms and integrations are all specially prepared for you!
The whole process is carried out smoothly by us.
We are trying to meet your expectations by meeting with you one-on-one in website designs, determining your needs and offering solution suggestions that will reach your target audience in the most accurate way.


Case Studies

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9000 Organic Followers in 9 Months

9000 Organic Followers in 9 Months

We have been involved in the learning and teaching excitement of Meslek Okulum; strong family structure, we have undertaken social media communication processes in order to achieve their goals on the way they aim. We have done creative work on innovative ways of learning and thus showed them that everyone who wants to change careers has an opportunity. with the success we have achieved in 9 months, we have increased our number of organic followers from 0 to 9000.

Exporting to 110+ Countries

Exporting to 110+ Countries

After optimizing our global marketing strategy, Bimaks has become an international global brand. Increased engagement on social media and a strong digital presence enabled the brand to export to more than 110 countries today!

2000 Organic Followers in 6 Months

2000 Organic Followers in 6 Months

With CranioCatch, which provides artificial intelligence services in dentistry, we have gone beyond the normal and done marketing studies via spotify. We made social media account management in accordance with the CranioCatch vision and managed to successfully integrate our brand into digital!

A Sustainable Image

A Sustainable Image

SwatchLOOP, one of the leading brands in textile-to-textile recycling, approached its target audience more by creating a better brand image with Nera. Together, we increased brand awareness and got SwatchLOOP one step closer to its sustainable goals.

 I love Yokogawa because...

I love Yokogawa because...

Yokogawa Turkey employees "I love Yokogawa because..." they expressed their corporate commitment and reasons, starting with the word. The speeches of all employees were collected and made into a video and published on internal corporate channels around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nera is an advertising agency focused on social media. Therefore, the services it provides are on social media, but it is not limited to this. It also undertakes works such as commercial film shoots, logo designs, brand positioning. But it always does it in its own way and in accordance with digital media. It also aims to provide inclusive service for everyone with the service packages it offers according to needs. It does not tire its customers with unnecessary pricing and always does its job in the best way.

When preparing websites, we add the language options you want according to your target country or region. We organize the entire website by working with local translators in that region to organize their content.

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"They understood me and my brand very well. They have done a very good job in the website content and design processes."

Gorkem Can Bulut talks about 3 years of experience with Nera.

Gorkem Can Bulut talks about 3 years of experience with Nera.

Web Design Agency

The website design services you've been dreaming of!

One of the most effective showcases where your products and services will take place is your website. The website is one of the most basic elements of a brand. It is very important for your brand identity that your website conveys your products and services in the most accurate way.

So how does the website design process progress?

First of all, we will determine what you want to highlight by listening to your requests. After our determinations, we work out what we can do with our creative ideas. We offer the changes you want to use together with our software team in the works where the designs are specially prepared for you. After the design and software processes, we will test and publish your website.

All of our websites we have designed are planned in accordance with your needs. However, there are some standards included in the Nera quality. All of our website works are designed for you, mobile-friendly. The mobile-friendly website offers a seamless experience on every platform for your potential customers.

Another important privilege that we offer for you in website design is our high priority of user experience. User experience is a design element that takes the length of stay of people who will visit your website as a parameter. Your website, which is designed with a user experience focus, will facilitate the access of your potential buyers to your products and services. The ability of users to access the information they want to access in the fastest and most efficient way is one of the most important elements that will increase your potential sales.

The design elements of your website bring with them many different items that are important. Your website designs are designed in accordance with the speed experience, which is important for the user experience today. Speed tests represent the speed at which your potential buyers can access the information on your website and the speed at which your website works. A slow website means that your potential buyers will leave your site without getting enough information about your services. Imagine if you are looking for a product with a slow website in the age of technology... The design of your website should be quite effective in converting your products and services into sales as well as speed and functionality. We make arrangements in such a way as to direct your potential buyers to contact with the contact forms we include in our website designs. With the practical website menu, you can access future contact information from your website's private panel. With the fast forms on your website, you can reach your potential buyers much faster and more effectively. Fast and active communication will strengthen the bonds you will establish with your customers. At the same time, thanks to the quick contact forms, you can create a data archive for your potential customers.

When designing your website, not only the design is prepared for you in the texts belonging to the sections that will be included on your site. When preparing texts for your website, preparations are made to reflect your brand in the most accurate way. With Deceptive slogans, effective expression and SEO-compatible works, your website can enter the search list effectively.

A website is an integrity that your brand does not represent. This is completed for all factors by the work of our professional team to ensure complete integrity. The selected format, color codes, text language, product display are integrated with all elements to ensure the best user experience. Improving the user experience will always keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

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