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Try our Linkedin automation system, which we have tried and succeeded in our 100+ brands, which is result-oriented from training to implementation. Discover How We Get 30-40 New Leads in 1 Month!

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Digital Ads & Lead Management

4 Steps to Selling on LinkedIn

Firstly Preparation and Training
We will show you how to automate and scale your business without paid ads. Because we tried and succeeded with a new and easier way to get leads on demand. In this course you will learn every detail of Linkedin marketing.
Finding the Right Audiences
Nera has an advanced LinkedIn automation platform for effective lead generation for marketers and sales teams. We set up these systems for you and all you have to do is respond to incoming messages.
Continuous Engagement and Getting Results
We will create smart campaigns that send LinkedIn connection invitations, automatically view, follow and approve profiles, send mail and messages. All automated and personalized.


Case Studies

See our success stories

9000 Organic Followers in 9 Months

9000 Organic Followers in 9 Months

We have been involved in the learning and teaching excitement of Meslek Okulum; strong family structure, we have undertaken social media communication processes in order to achieve their goals on the way they aim. We have done creative work on innovative ways of learning and thus showed them that everyone who wants to change careers has an opportunity. with the success we have achieved in 9 months, we have increased our number of organic followers from 0 to 9000.

Exporting to 110+ Countries

Exporting to 110+ Countries

After optimizing our global marketing strategy, Bimaks has become an international global brand. Increased engagement on social media and a strong digital presence enabled the brand to export to more than 110 countries today!

2000 Organic Followers in 6 Months

2000 Organic Followers in 6 Months

With CranioCatch, which provides artificial intelligence services in dentistry, we have gone beyond the normal and done marketing studies via spotify. We made social media account management in accordance with the CranioCatch vision and managed to successfully integrate our brand into digital!

A Sustainable Image

A Sustainable Image

SwatchLOOP, one of the leading brands in textile-to-textile recycling, approached its target audience more by creating a better brand image with Nera. Together, we increased brand awareness and got SwatchLOOP one step closer to its sustainable goals.

 I love Yokogawa because...

I love Yokogawa because...

Yokogawa Turkey employees "I love Yokogawa because..." they expressed their corporate commitment and reasons, starting with the word. The speeches of all employees were collected and made into a video and published on internal corporate channels around the world.

Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

You are getting a 3-hour long course paired with an in-depth SOP showing a behind the scenes look at how we get 20-30 leads per month.

Yes. We offer more support inside our program. Plus if you have any questions you can shoot us an email.

This for anyone who is looking to sell more on Linkedin.

Do you want to learn about what your brand lacks in marketing?

See what can you improve with our free marketing analysis and find out what actions you should take.

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Great automation tool for Linkedin Lead Generation

Good tool to automate prospecting. Saves time researching new contacts and writing messages. Hasan Yerlikaya - Co founder of Sistem Automation

Good tool to automate prospecting. Saves time researching new contacts and writing messages. Hasan Yerlikaya - Co founder of Sistem Automation


Attract hundreds of hot leads on LinkedIn

Here's Everything You're Getting For Only $299.00/Mo Today

  • 15 Modules Advanced Linkedin Sales Courses
  • 1 LinkedIn profile
  • Thousands of messages monthly
  • Proven done-for-you campaigns
  • Outreach messages crafted
  • Ideal decision makers identified
  • Qualified prospect list built
  • Ongoing campaign optimization
  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • 2+ messages per sequence
  • Advanced campaign metrics
  • Email and chat support

Apply this package for Just $299.00/ mo! Delivered instantly. Start in the next 2 minutes.

No More:
❌ Cold Selling Techniques
❌Long Lead Generation Calls
❌How should I use my social media accounts question marks
❌ Difficulties in contacting potential customers

Instead You’ll Get:
✅ Possibility to reach potential customers directly
✅ Automatic follow up processes
✅More sales opportunities

Inside Nera you’re going to see everything we’re using today to land 30-40 leads per month.

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