We offer innovative solutions for better healthcare online and beyond. Let's help you harness the power of social media to improve patient experiences, build your brand and make a real difference in the healthcare industry.

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Social Media Services for Health Sector

Steps of Social Media Management in the Health Sector

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9000 organic followers in 9 months

9000 organic followers in 9 months

We have been involved in the learning and teaching excitement of Meslek Okulum; strong family structure, we have undertaken social media communication processes in order to achieve their goals on the way they aim. We have done creative work on innovative ways of learning and thus showed them that everyone who wants to change careers has an opportunity. with the success we have achieved in 9 months, we have increased our number of organic followers from 0 to 9000.

 I love Yokogawa because...

I love Yokogawa because...

Yokogawa Turkey employees "I love Yokogawa because..." they expressed their corporate commitment and reasons, starting with the word. The speeches of all employees were collected and made into a video and published on internal corporate channels around the world.

2000 Organic Followers in 6 months

2000 Organic Followers in 6 months

With CranioCatch, which provides artificial intelligence services in dentistry, we have gone beyond the normal and done marketing studies via spotify. We made social media account management in accordance with the CranioCatch vision and managed to successfully integrate our brand into digital!

Frequently Asked Questions

Social media management in the health sector; health service providers can help you connect with a wide audience, improve patient experiences, build their brands because it helps to be one step ahead and constantly evolving in the healthcare world is necessary.

Social media management in the healthcare sector works with a comprehensive strategy that leverages the power of social media platforms to reach and interact with your patients. This strategy includes creating and sharing educational content, promoting products and services, analyzing data to continuously improve patient interactions and outcomes. Our healthcare social media management team also monitors and tracks performance and makes the necessary adjustments to maximize results.

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"I really enjoy while using Nera! A big thank you to Nera for providing everything I needed for my company's social media accounts! It prepares original content for you and shares it on time; moreover, while doing these, you only have to choose!"

Gorkem Can Bulut talks about 3 years of experience with Nera.

Gorkem Can Bulut talks about 3 years of experience with Nera.

Social Media Management Agency for Health Sector

As the Health Sector Social Media management agency, we offer a comprehensive solution for health care providers to reach and interact with your patients through social media. Improve brand awareness, improving the patient experience, improve reputation, and results orientation, our agency that focuses on social media strategy, content creation, community management, including performance analysis and provide a range of. Hospitals and healthcare providers can use the power of social media to connect with a wide audience, showcase their expertise, and create a positive image in the minds of their patients and the public.

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