Digital Ad Management

Attract attention! Impress! Convince! Each of your potential customers takes part in different levels before making a decision. We create and publish different ad management for each step.

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Digital Ad Management

Digital Ad Management

Technical Preparation
Thanks to the correct technical preparation, we can measure every step of your customers and take action accordingly. We use the data we have obtained to improve campaign performance.
Audience Segmentation and Remarketing
Showing the right ad to the right customer at the right time is the most important part of digital advertising management. When irrelevant ads are shown to the wrong people, they can be simply ignored.
Message and Advertising Designs
In order to get a good result from digital advertising, we offer an effective message on all channels with the best design. We make you feel that you are taking care of your customers with high-quality designs. We also increase your interaction rates with quality content and designs.


Case Studies

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9000 Organic Followers in 9 Months

9000 Organic Followers in 9 Months

We have been involved in the learning and teaching excitement of Meslek Okulum; strong family structure, we have undertaken social media communication processes in order to achieve their goals on the way they aim. We have done creative work on innovative ways of learning and thus showed them that everyone who wants to change careers has an opportunity. with the success we have achieved in 9 months, we have increased our number of organic followers from 0 to 9000.

Exporting to 110+ Countries

Exporting to 110+ Countries

After optimizing our global marketing strategy, Bimaks has become an international global brand. Increased engagement on social media and a strong digital presence enabled the brand to export to more than 110 countries today!

2000 Organic Followers in 6 Months

2000 Organic Followers in 6 Months

With CranioCatch, which provides artificial intelligence services in dentistry, we have gone beyond the normal and done marketing studies via spotify. We made social media account management in accordance with the CranioCatch vision and managed to successfully integrate our brand into digital!

A Sustainable Image

A Sustainable Image

SwatchLOOP, one of the leading brands in textile-to-textile recycling, approached its target audience more by creating a better brand image with Nera. Together, we increased brand awareness and got SwatchLOOP one step closer to its sustainable goals.

 I love Yokogawa because...

I love Yokogawa because...

Yokogawa Turkey employees "I love Yokogawa because..." they expressed their corporate commitment and reasons, starting with the word. The speeches of all employees were collected and made into a video and published on internal corporate channels around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nera is an advertising agency focused on social media. Therefore, the services it provides services on social media, but not limited to social media only. It also undertakes works such as commercial film shoots, logo designs, brand positioning. But it always does it in its own way and in accordance with digital media. It also aims to provide inclusive service for everyone with the service packages it offers according to needs. It does not tire its customers with unnecessary pricing and always does its job in the best way.

You don't have to worry about that. Nera will always be here to help you. You can choose the service directly according to your needs and share it with us, but when you are undecided, our customer team will be just a phone call away to assist you. Our representatives will answer your questions and ensure that you receive the right service. It will review your accounts and inform you about the work of your competitors so that your products or services are best displayed on social media. You will also be able to enjoy the right service and increase your sales in digital channels.

As Nera, we have stated that our expertise is digital media. So just sit back and enjoy the service you will receive! We can meet your website needs and make a remarkable positioning in social media so that you can complete all the infrastructure works you need and present your products or services. At the end of the job, you will have a business that is fully integrated into digital channels. How would you like to contact us today to complete the preliminary research of your business and forward it to you?

Nowadays, social media has proven itself more than enough in terms of reaching consumers. With Nera, you can easily reach the customers in the region you target easily. Sundays Sunday, we make sure that your business attracts attention by making a management aimed at the target market in order to carry your products and services to the global market. Thus, you can easily reach your customers at home when you wish and abroad when you wish.

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"I asked a lot of questions because I'm away from social media and they answered my questions without getting bored at all. And it's really a pleasure to watch my account grow! "

Melek Özdemir talks about his 3-year experience with Nera.

Melek Özdemir talks about his 3-year experience with Nera.

Digital Advertising Management

What is Digital Advertising Management?

Digital Media Advertising is a digital marketing method that is done by methods such as reaching your target audience, instagram advertising, google advertising, linkedin advertising. It is one of the easiest and most effective methods to establish a connection with your customers. If you are setting new goals and want to reach new Sundays, digital media advertisements are an inevitable necessity. Even if you have a company with the best performance in the world, you should advertise in order to reach new customers, increase your audience and continue the growth of your company.

The accepted Digital Advertising Management, which is a tool of social media management and also a very effective method in the field of advertising and marketing recently, is carried out on several different platforms.

Thanks to this method, which we can also define as Internet ads, your customers will be easily accessible, and thanks to Google ads, you will easily inform people who make searches about you about yourself.

Instagram English ”digital ad management" in the form of this method, if you wish, is also provided through instagram ads. In short, Nera offers advertising services for you on all platforms where digital advertising can be provided.

Whether you say “I want to advertise" directly or “I want to advertise on instagram”. Nera not only provides services in the field of marketing, but will also provide you with the greatest technical support in all your advertising processes. Thanks to the technical installation offered by Nera, the power in digital media advertising will always be on your side. Thanks to our technical installation, we are forming a strong team with our customers. With the Nera power we have, we have the opportunity to check our customers' data regularly. Our technical force has a positive power that can guide the digital advertising marketing strategies of our customers. We are aware of the sensitivity of many issues in the services we offer to our customers and that is why we attach importance to our technical installation. We are taking our customers' digital advertising service experiences one click further with our technical department, which is an important part of our team. We are aware of the importance of technological support and we are in a solution-oriented perspective every moment with our team.

We combine our expertise in the technical field with the goals that we have set correctly, and we make all the necessary efforts to create successful businesses.

How Do I Determine My Goal in Digital Advertising Management?

Another important step is the setting of the accepted goal, which should be determined depending on the location of your brand, its values, and the year of its formation. After determining the audience you want to reach directly and specifically, it is necessary not only to follow the advertising processes, but also to create a new action plan according to the feedback. If you keep your goals at achievable levels, your productivity will increase. As Nera, we are very sensitive about our services not being in the wrong place at the wrong time! That's why we play the digital marketing and advertising game according to the rules! While implementing our digital advertising services for our customers, we show great care about the sectoral and brand image. As long as this sensitivity results in the satisfaction of our customers, we are ambitious not to compromise on our service quality. We will always support you while determining our common goals, and we will ensure that the right customers are positioned in their sectors with the right time and place to meet. It is one of the tasks we have acquired to remind that it does not matter if the right advertisement is in front of the wrong audience at the wrong moment.

Being visible in the right place at the right time is an important step in the growth of your brand. Thanks to ads, you can reach maximum customers and increase your sales. “How to advertise?" if you are wondering, Nera is with you!

We are re-creating you and your brand in the world of digital advertising. We position your brand so that it can arouse excitement in your target audience. Because we know that your brand is worth the effort spent on it.

What are the Types of Digital Media Advertising?

Social media platforms have a structure that changes and develops every day. Even if you are making your plans long-term, you should develop your strategy with period-to-period additions. Restructuring, setting new goals and being open to regulations are the characteristics you should have during this period.

Each social media platform has a different target audience from each other. You should set your goals in line with your audience and develop a strategy on the appropriate platform for the audience.

You should advertise on one or more platforms within your industry in order to make sales, to provide brand awareness and grow your audience, which are the main purposes.

It was found that 55% of people learned about brands through social media ads. It is a very important aspect to advertise on social media for a newly established brand. You can realize your brand's vision, mission, foundation story, and promotion of your products.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin and TikTok are very popular among digital media platforms in Turkey today, such as social media applications such as Google, you can also Decode your ads through these platforms.

At the point of choosing which social media platform to choose, you will need serious preliminary work and expert help. Thanks to the advertising strategy that you will determine together with the expert opinion, you will have the opportunity to use your budget and time in the most efficient way without wasting time.

Ad Designs with Nera

Advertising designs are our meeting point with you. We carry out long R & D studies, strategy plans and creative studies in order to implement your ideas in the best way and in high quality. In this way, we have the opportunity to present the dreams of our customers to the target audience through social media advertisements. We attach great importance to creating original and thoughtful designs. Because we know that when we combine our ideas with you, we will sign successful businesses together. We are motivated by your ideas on the way we have started with this goal, and we share the sensitivity you have shown for your brand with you. We are extremely happy with our designs that have come out together with our expert team, whom we trust at the design point where the ideas are implemented, and we are making progress every day in order to achieve this happiness mutually. We stand by our customers at every stage of the design process. We share our ideas and imagination. We know that designing advertising designs in original ways and representing your brand in the most accurate way will offer successful results. That is why we are creating successful works with on-site interventions. It is important for us to determine the right strategy for your brand in our designs. That's why we take your brand and target audience into account in our message and advertising designs. We are working to produce the best ideas to be designed for your brand, and we stand out with our originality and innovative works.

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